Thank you for supporting the continued operation of! Now that I'm not DJing at festivals and milongas, I want to do whatever I can to make sure we can all enjoy tango music wherever we may be ... but I can't do it without your help! ❤️ UPDATE NOV 2020: WE MADE GOAL! Thank you SO much for supporting the costs of Radio Tanda. I wasn't sure how much folks would enjoy a service like this, or if it was the right solution for our time of no tango ... but your support has proven that it fills a niche. So thanks again! FULL DISCLOSURE... We should be good to go an entire two years (May 2022!) UNLESS listenership skyrockets and I have to upgrade to a higher-bandwidth plan. (Which is a good problem to have!) The rates charged by the streaming service double for the next tier of "listening hours", and at the rate we're going, we may need to do that. I've baked a little into my $95/mo estimate to allow for a few months of the higher tier, but if we consistently need it, I may need to adjust the goal. But let's see how it goes! 😊 Thanks again!

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