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Of Axe and Plough is a blog commenting on Contemporary Paganism, Heathen religion, and polytheistic identity, and has been in circulation for nearly a decade. It details experiencing Heathenry from both an academic and a personal perspective, and attempts to push into deeper theological meanings in developing Heathenry for the 21st century. It speaks to philosophy, cultural understanding, religious practice, and history. I (Marc) am a historian by training, and have been a Pagan for over two decades and have focused on Anglo-Saxon Heathenry and adjacent polytheisms for more than half of that time. I firmly support inclusivity in Heathenry, social rights, and the development of a comprehensive understanding of a pluralistic worldview for contemporary Western polytheists. I stand against all forms of bigotry, racism, and hate, and do not tolerate it in my community.

Of Axe and Plough
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