ABOUT Election 2020 was a watershed. Nowhere across vast realms of cyberscapes could I find Comrades willing to call out blatant, palpable, terrible, terrifying, and telling acts of election fraud. It became clear to me that whatever comprises the "Left" in Anglo-American (and North American) parlance has little to do with the type of Marxist-Communist message the world ought to hear. To read legit election updates on the world wide web meant venturing to alt-right election-contesting sites, rife with Christian evangelical overtones and grotesque anti-China schadenfreude. While these latter characteristics are unfortunate, I found them much more palatable than fake Left-wing Liberal-atheistic reporting which harbored equally twisted and misplaced notions of hatred, though aimed instead at the the incomparable Donald Trump! Trump remains the only one pushing a people's (read "populist") agenda that meshes much better with a Communist outlook than anything offered up by either Biden or Bernie. Hence this blog emerged out of a lack of alt-Left voices out there adamantly opposed to both the so-called "Left-wing"/centrist Liberal propaganda colossus (known by the absurd moniker of "Left-wing globalism"-absurd because this phenomenon is patently right-wing!) and stomach-turning acts of voter fraud. Comrades only tepidly spoke out against Wall Street fraud in the aftermath of 2008. In 2020, they had gone into veritable hiding, unable to offer up even the scantest of squeaks in protest of the most flagrant and transparent act of corruption committed by capital in living memory (the stealing of a US Presidential election). Moving on or making peace with fake President-elect Biden simply won't do and should never do for any true Communist who believes in the people and fair play. Comrades ought to go to their graves calling out breathtaking acts of fraud and false-flag terror including but not limited to 9/11, the death of Osama bin Laden, Covid19 hysterics and now, Election 2020. Yet the Left has always been terrified of capitalism's branding campaigns, abandoning their best hopes so that they are unable to discuss their own sterling victories as anything other than abject failures. They have denied the startling successes of both Soviet Russia and Maoist China. Now, they will equally refuse to point out what only alt-Right evangelical Christians have the guts to point out. That fraud is real. In this way the Left, from Naomi Klein to Noam Chomsky, is rapidly dwindling down some vortex of historical insignificance. Communists ought to push back. Reclaiming the lives and examples of Comrade Stalin and Chairman Mao may require effort and stamina extending well beyond my lifetime and yours. However, we can begin by correcting one historical crime unfolding before our very eyes. I hope this blog can attract Comrades who know that fraud is real, that Trump has Communist "cred" with the people, and that reneging on the duty of calling out fraud as we see it cannot and should not have anything to do with what Communism and Comrades are all about. The sellout so-called "Left" need not go there. But Comrades must.

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