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---Survival Skills - professional coaching for motorcyclists ---Kevin Williams - inveterate biker, safety advocate & speaker, serial writer, scientific thinker... CLICK THE TINYURL BELOW TO ACCESS SUPPORTER & SUBSCRIBER CONTENT LINKS & THE E-COURSE MENU

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Kevin Williams / Survival Skills
---CONGRATULATIONS--- you've found the Survival Skills Ko-Fi page, here to offer great BETTER BIKING content to all motorcycle riders, wherever you are in the world. You can access FREE content, or by clicking the big pink 'SUPPORT' button and for as little as £3 - the price of a coffee - you can open up access to many more posts, videos and the Survival Skills Performance: BENDS e-course! ---FIND OUT MORE HERE - *** Back 2 Biking *** Survival Skills is RE-OPENING on 1 June 2020 but with a series of measures put in place to cope with the threat from Covid-19. The relaxation of lock-down rules allows “non-essential” businesses to reopen on Monday 1 June if safety measures have been put in place. Easing of restrictions on motorcycle now allow riding with one other person from another household if two metres social distancing is maintained at all times. With some changes such as the use of video calls for briefings and theory sessions, I am happy that one-to-one on-road training for motorcycle riders can be made to comply with these rules. My diary is therefore ---OPEN FOR BOOKINGS NOW--- with courses recommencing on MONDAY 1 JUNE. I will initially prioritise those who want to RIDE TO WORK to avoid public transport, whether that's in a rural or an urban environment. Contact Survival Skills at info[at] or via the website

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