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CONGRATULATIONS...'re visiting the SURVIVAL SKILLS RIDER TRAINING Ko-Fi page. Access my ARCHIVE of 'better biking' posts - currently more than ONE THOUSAND unique articles are available with more being added. ACCESS THE CONTENT MENU: There is plenty of FREE & INEXPENSIVE CONTENT. * as a SUPPORTER access hundreds more articles FOR AS LITTLE AS £3 - the price of a coffee * as a SUBSCRIBER gain permanent access to the archive PLUS exclusive access to ONLINE TRAINING materials and special technical articles * from the SHOP view free downloads or purchase inexpensive e-books * from the COMMISSION menu, buy GIFT VOUCHERS or get help with one-off problems Survival Skills Rider Training offers: * PROFESSIONAL ON-ROAD COACHING with a BTEC-qualified advanced rider coach to improve your riding skills * ONLINE COACHING wherever you are in the world with a qualified e-tutor using distance learning techniques * BETTER BIKING ARTICLES & VIDEOS written by an experienced biking columnist * WEBINARS & IN-PERSON PRESENTATIONS delivered by an experienced speaker EXTRAORDINARY TIMES... ...EXTRAORDINARY TRAINING

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