The Uncrucified, An Exalted Fan Project

Kalara rose from the slums of Gem, a heretic, a nuisance. She was chosen to guide a world in chaos, but she has her own scores to settle first. This project tells the story of an Eclipse Caste's rise to power & infamy through art, comics, writings, & more. Also creating Exalted TTRPG worldbuilding resources, art templates, etc. This is my Exalted project Tip Jar~ Any support given here helps me stay happy & healthy while I do what I love. Right now, I'm the sole illustrator, designer, & writer and do this project purely for fun. I update here when I have time, so new material may be sporadic. TENTATIVE TO DO LIST: - Exalted Art Challenge Sketchbook - Solar Anima Wallpapers with Signature Characters - The Uncrucified Character/NPC Sheets for STV - Art Inspo Packs for STV - One Shot Comic: The Last Mortal String - One Shot Comic: Stunting the Walker in Darkness - One Shot Comic: My Favorite Botch Moment - Ongoing Comic: The Uncrucified: Second Breath - One Shot Comic: Charm School 101 (Explaining charms through chibi characters) MONTHLY MEMBERS get a couple of extra perks: - "Gilded Wings" Wallpaper Pack - Early access to any comic pages a week ahead of time

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