A bonus chapter.

30% of $30 goal

Ill be translating a bonus chapter of CPVTTF when i reached the target of 10 kofis because i need the money. It wont be immediate but ill keep tab of it when translating. If at a point the word count is too much, i will count it 2 time. Thank you for your support. :)


Hello, welcome to my Ko-Fi page. My translating project is called The Counterattack Plan Of A Villain With Ten Thousand Fans (CPVTTF). I'm not proficient in English nor Chinese, or even Korean, but I'll try my hardest to brings you a good novel translation. Support the real author too! Nice to meet you all. ^^

Raven Blues Day
Welcome to my Ko-fi Page. If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting what I do so I could continuing what I do (this sentence...). The Counterattack Plan Of Villain With Ten Thousand Fans Is my main project. It doesn’t have a fixed time when i uploaded it but ill make sure i updated a chapter a week. There will be a bonus chapter for CPVTTF when the goal is reached. I haven’t been able to contact the translator of lost temple so i halted the edit until they get back to me again. Thank you for your understanding and support. I really appreciate them. ♡

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