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The developer/maintainer for NekoGirls Live Wallpaper / OMP Wallpaper / VOICEROID2 Locale Patch / FreeMote / FreeLive / Furikiri ...and some other projects.

Here I accept donations for my little free projects. I appreciate for your donation, but I can not promise for anything except my free projects will remain free forever (unless they have to be cancelled for some reasons like misappropriation or copyrights). And your donation will be regard as an encouragement to me, rather than paying for my works. Those projects are free to use but everyone should following rules/licenses no matter donated or not. If you want to reuse my projects, contact me first. Your donation will become my motivation. Thank you. Please make sure you have filled your name so I can add you to the Sponsors list. If you forgot, you can send me an email to notice me. Currently I accept donation for: * VOICeVIO Projects (VOICEROID2 Locale Patch etc.) * Wallpapers for Wallpaper Engine (Project AZUSA) * FreeMote/FreeLive (Project AZUSA) 1 Cup of coffee is good enough, I don't need more. 咖啡只要一杯就好,非常感謝。 *The donation gift version of NekoGirls Live Wallpaper is not available currently - but all current sponsors will get updates once I made one.

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