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Erotic audio performer/voice actress focusing on immersive and intimate audio experiences. Role play, Girlfriend Experience, hypnosis, AMSR and non-erotic comforting recordings from a loving, sensual, sex-positive woman.

Eve's Garden
Welcome! If you'd like to pay for an Eraudica Exclusive membership through Paypal, you can do it here!

A month membership to Eraudica is $10, so you only need to buy one and you'll get access to 225+ of my exclusive audios. I'm working on integrating this into my site so your access will be automatic, but for now, I will have to add your membership manually. However, you can make this payment recurring if that's more convenient for you.

You can also use this option to pay for Only Fans memberships as well, but because I can only set one price here, you'll get 2 months of Only Fans for $10. Just sign up for a free account at Only Fans and let me know your user name - and I'll add you to the system.

Please note - I can only add you 30 days at a time, so you'll have to remind me when your membership runs out so I can re-add you. If you don't send me your Only Fans user name, I can't give you access, so please don't forget this step!

**Please let me know in your message to me which membership you'd like**

Any questions, please feel free to ask! Thank you for your support! 💋

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