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I write mainly sci-fi and thrillers. Also getting more into screenwriting. I'm currently writing a space opera novel and a more grounded, slightly thriller sci-fi, both in the same universe (NEXUS). Also two screenplays, one of which is too embarrassing to admit to, just to get the ideas out of my head. It's Batman. You'd think it would be something I might actually sell, but no. Batman. Is it pleasing or upsetting that the top of my head fits the circle so well?

Welcome, traveller. I chose Ko-Fi because it is purely a way for people to support my writing (while my actual job money disappears on rent) without me bribing it from you with promises of stuff and things - which I suppose is what buying my books is for... It's uncomfortable asking strangers for this support, but this way seems a little...purer or something. It makes more sense in my head.

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