Mollie Morrissette
One of the things I am most proud of - besides helping your cats and dogs - is that I am completely independent of commercial influence: I don't sell ad space, and I don't sell anything related to pet food. What that means is that while I am free of bias - which is great - I also don't make a bean. While the investigative reporting I do on Poisoned Pets is priceless, it isn't free. Yet Poisoned Pets remains free - and ad-free. Yet over these past ten years, I have spent tens of thousands of hours and tremendous resources and thousands of dollars to sustain it. If you find any value in what I do, if it made you reconsider your pet food choices, if it helped you in any way, please consider supporting my work with a donation of your choosing, between a bag of treats for my cats ($13) and a box of cat food ($45). Or a cup of Joe would do just as nicely. :) Thank you.

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