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It costs me $258 a month or $3000 a year to sustain Poisoned Pets on the most basic level. By scrimping and saving (and living on a diet of rice and beans), and the odd donation, I manage, somehow, to pay for it. I would, however, like to expand my diet and pay for the costs of maintaining Poisoned Pets. And that's where you come in, where your gifts will, perhaps, allow me to eat in style, have a website and delicious cup of coffee! Thank you!


Hi, I'm Mollie. I'm the author of Poisoned Pets, the pet food news site that brings you stories about the pet food industry you won't find anywhere else. Stories that take you behind the glossy ads, stories that allow you to look into the secretive and sometimes, not-so-savory side of the pet food industry. Stories that help you make better decisions about what you feed your dog or cat.

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Mollie Morrissette
One of the things I am most proud of - besides helping your cats and dogs - is that I am completely independent of commercial influence: I don't sell ad space, and I don't sell anything related to pet food. What that means is that while I am free of bias - which is great - I also don't make a bean. While the investigative reporting I do on Poisoned Pets is priceless, it isn't free. Yet Poisoned Pets remains free - and ad-free. Yet over these past ten years, I have spent tens of thousands of hours and tremendous resources and thousands of dollars to sustain it. If you find any value in what I do, if it made you reconsider your pet food choices, if it helped you in any way, please consider supporting my work with a donation of your choosing, between a bag of treats for my cats ($13) and a box of cat food ($45). Or a cup of Joe would do just as nicely. :) Thank you.

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