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I'm a smol YouTuber who makes bootiful videos


I'm a small YouTuber who makes goofy videos so people can laugh and be happy :D

The reason why I'm here is because I've had health issues for the past few months. I always had nose allergies but it got really serious ever since I moved to this place. The place I'm staying is called "goshitel". It's a Korean thing and basically goshitels are really small with very thin walls.

My problem is there's no window in this place. I get no fresh air or sunlight. Sunlight is really important for our bodies but I get 0 sunlight every day unless I go out. Sometimes I don't even go out for two days in a row because of my job. I film/edit/stream by myself.

As a YouTuber, I need to talk a lot but it's hard when my nose is very stuffy and when I sneeze too much. I'm getting treatment and pills which costs me a lot of money so I don't have enough money to move out.

We need key money for sure to move out in Korea but all of the cheap places had mold or it was not a place for me to film. That's why the money I need is high for a better place.. (My goal is $10,000)

Every little help will be very thankful and please share this with your friends and family!


Help me move out to a better place

15% of goal

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