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I am a photographer working from the Bay Area. When I'm holding a camera or working on images of any kind, I'm at peace. Everyone who knows me, knows the fact that I live on coffee and tea! It's what keeps me going and makes the world spin round for me.

Anything support given here is highly appreciated but not ever expected. Support goes not only to tea and coffee, I promise. :)

Konstantin Braverman Photography
Any support goes to direct or indirect methods that help me grow my photographer and video projects. Direct use of support, would be investing in items like new camera equipment whereas, indirect use of support might be towards coffee and tea needs while working on projects. :)

Any support not given anonymously will get a personalized thank you message from me.

If someone buys me a lot of "coffee" 14 or more at a time then they can pick a photo from my website and I'll give them a personal license use digital copy of the image. Just email me a description of the image you'd like. I'll send it to you at a 4 megapixel size.

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