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Digital Artist from Germany Creating fantastic 3D artwork and interactive adventures in Second Life is my passion. Alrunia Ahn is the digital personification of my better self. Ageless, Gender-binary, Independent, Lateral Thinker and Wild Elf at heart. Time Traveler & Herbal Witch with green Thumb & Black Humor. Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mandragora-lilith/49263552973/ Visit my Store @ Secondlife: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dandelion/53/45/4003 In RL I am poorly paid for helping social, mental and physical handicapped children at school to integrate and become independent. My interests are Education, Languages, Literature, Philosophy, Meta- and String Theories and physics, Nature, global Politics and of course Art

Alrunia Ahn
Making a living as artist is hard due to the irregular income. To tell the truth, my life is far from luxurious, my equipment far from optimal, each month is a financial challenge and I never know how to cover unexpected bills. My dream is to be able to cover all those necessary regular and irregular expenses... home, food, coffee (of course!) and nuts, up to date hard & software, energy, uploads, other fees...and maybe ..maybe be able to do short trips to see my family every now and then. For now my main goal is to spare up for a better computer system and hardware (especially better video card) because the old one I have is struggling with 3d rendering and multiple tasks. If you enjoy my products and like what I am doing feel free to support me. I really appreciate it ♥ If enough people donate I can upgrade and offer monthly subscriptions ..which again allows me to offer rewards to my supporters :)

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