Computer Upgrade

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So far I've been wringing all the processing power I can out of my poor PC, but running a game, camera tools, and a screen capture program all at once really gives the poor thing a hard time. I'm hoping to upgrade my processor to something with a little more oomph. :)


Fantasy & Sci-Fi Author, Avid Gamer, and Self-Identifying Nerd

Anjelica Grey
Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I'm a writer, of both fanwork and original sci-fi/fantasy. I am endlessly grateful to anyone who is moved to support me. They get to be my hero and know they're causing me to dance around the room like a loon, saying, "They like me! They really like me!" ;) (Oh, and I guess they'll also be helping me to pay the bills while I figure out how to make a living, which is a lot more cool, but less funny to watch.) Thank you so much!

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