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I write poetry and prose. 'Sometimes a Wild God' has kicked its patchy heels all over the world and 'Nettle-Eater' is leaving a green and vibrant stain as it follows. I co-run Hedgespoken with Rima Staines. Sometimes I live in a vintage truck, sometimes in a house. I've got a young son. I'm tired most of the time, less so when I'm writing. I'd love to have more time to write - can you help me?

Tom Hirons
I'm the author of SOMETIMES A WILD GOD, NETTLE-EATER & FALCONER'S JOY among other pieces of wild-loving poetry and prose. If you'd like to support me in my writing, please use the 'Buy a reindeer milk' form and buy me a few minutes writing time while I juggle the demands of parenting, running Hedgespoken travelling storytelling theatre and staying sane in this strange crucible that is 21st century life. Thank you!

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