Solt DB
*** Beta 2.0 will launch this summer on our website: *** If this is the "century of biology," then who's keeping track? Solt DB collects and organizes data on the bioeconomy. As our name implies, we aim to publish the annotated data in interactive databases and dashboards. As a public benefit company, we will make all databases freely available as a global public resource. No membership or email address required. The Beta 1.0 launch on Ko-fi is being used to refine our investment research subscription called Solt DB Invest. It will enable us to keep the core platform open, ad-free, and independent from corporate influence. Investment research includes the following: All Ko-fi supporters who maintain a monthly subscription will lock in $10 per month or $80 per year for life (annual rates aren't available on Ko-fi). Keep an active subscription and your price will never increase -- not even when we migrate off Ko-fi. Pricing will increase to $25 per month or $200 per year after our Beta 2.0 launch on our own website this summer, which will include improved functionality and tools. Pricing will increase to at least $50 per month and $450 per year over time. Don't care for a subscription? You can still support Solt DB's launch with an anonymous one-time donation on Ko-fi. Questions? Critiques? Love letters? Email

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