Huion KAMVAS Pro 13 + Accessories

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A necessary piece of gear to help increase efficiency and productivity in my ability to create so that I may be prolific with my ideas!


A surreal and science fiction composite artist looking to induce alternative perspectives through digital art. I'm also a story teller through YouTube, vlogging my current tasks and goals and everyday creation. I tell stories and write about things I've learnt through my work on my website as well via blogging. I'm also a gamer, and currently attempting to create entertaining videos of my escapades into first person shooters and considering my play style, a lot of hilarity tends to ensue when I get impatient. =) Thank you for visiting my Kofi page and I hope you enjoy the work that I put out.

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Shane Avery
Hello everyone and welcome to my Ko-fi page. I have decided that no matter what, I will make my art worth a living. I have begun in many ways then one, but I need your help. I need certain specific pieces of gear, to make the kind of art that I want to make. Currently, my goal is that of a graphic tablet, which would help me speed up my workflow and create even more kickass pieces of digital art. Not having this piece of gear will not stop me. I will do whatever it takes, and currently I am able, but this piece of gear would just triple my output, remove a lot of frustration and make creating art an even more enjoyable experience then it currently is. I hope you will consider. Take a look around and check out my social media profiles, see what I've done, and what I'm working on. You will see the kind of ideas that sync with me the most. Thanks again for visiting.

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