Paying the Rent & Utilities & Things: May Edition!

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My goal is just survive at this point because just getting over fucking COVID-19 took the rest of March and pretty much all of April and fuuuuck but that sucked so much. I appreciate any and all help you guys can offer to me and my family. It keeps us warm, fed, housed, and the lights/internet going so I can keep throwing words at you all. (And eventually Shinies again.) Thank you. <3 XTRA: getting the a/c fixed in the Mate's car so he can drive when Florida decides it's time to be an oven.


Jer Keene is an author and artist who lives in Florida with a mate, two Podlings, and four cats who do not understand Boundaries. She can be found on Tumblr and Pillowfort at deadcatwithaflamethrower.

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Jer Keene
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