Achie Game Dev

Welcome to the table, sit down, have a coffee, and let's talk about what you can find here: ✏️Regular pixel art as part of my self imposed challenge! 🗿 Voxel models (3D) of said pixel arts! 🎞️ Time lapses of my art and sculpt process! I also dabble in game dev, so: 🎮 Small retro feel games, game jams, progress blogs! 📝 Reviews of other indie games, the PicoShort series! 🎥 Occasional gameplay/gamedev streams! ☕ What do i offer for supporters? ☕ 💌 Shout-out on Social Media! 💌 Monthly supporters credited at the end of each video & blog! 💌 Early access to all my in-progress games! 💌 Pick games for PicoShort reviews!

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