Hi, I'm Ari. I'm a hobbyist software developer and system administrator. I write software and maintain my servers in my free time. Donating me helps keep my infrastructure alive and reliable; donation funds will be used to pay for offsite backups and upgrading server hadware when needed ~~and maybe the occasional snack~~. In return I will continue to write (not very useful) open source software and host (not very useful) services. Stuff that needs paid for: Password Manager: $29.94/year Domain ( $8.57/year Domain ( C$32.82/year Backups: €41.40/year Totalling about USD $130.00/year (includes tax) I ask you to look at your personal financial situation before donating, and please don't donate if it doesn't make sense financially. I also ask that you look to family and friends close to you and see if they may be more in need of the money. I'm not using this money to live, I'm using it for a hobby.

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