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Help us make Venezuela proud!

We are members of a student group called the "Asociación de Aeronáutica Experimental" (Association of Experimental Aeronautics) of Simón Bolívar University, which focuses on the development of activities and research in the aeronautics field.

Every year we develop a technological-academic project called "AeroDesign SAE USB", directed by a multidisciplinary team of USB students. Our work consists of design, build and test radio-controlled aircrafts. This in order to represent our university and Venezuela in one of the most prestigious competitions in the continent: SAE Brasil Aerodesign; event that takes place annually in São José dos Campos, Brazil. This competition brings together more than 1500 students from around the world to test their knowledge and skills in the aeronautics field.

One of the objectives of this project is to train integral and proactive professionals, that emphasize commitment, teamwork, the promotion of human values and professional ethics as an example to new generations for the development of the country.

We are a non-profit student group; therefore, we require funds to carry out the annual projects. Every year this becomes more complicated due to the difficult times that our country, Venezuela, is going through. On the other hand, the competition becomes more demanding every year and we need new studies, materials and tools to continue improving.

All these difficulties are far from stopping us. We firmly believe in our project and we are determined not only to carry it out, but to improve and innovate every year.

We invite you to be part of the AeroDesign family and to believe in our project as much as we do. With your help, we can make thousands of Venezuelans proud.

"For some, the sky is the limit. For us, it's just the beginning."

Help us make Venezuela proud!

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