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Thank you for supporting my art and artist journey! For a one-off donation tier, 🌱Access to exclusive doodles 🌱Wips of the next drawing/ videos 🌱Early access to the finished videos and drawings 🌱A post called "One more scene"—a drawing or comic related to the reels/animation videos I share on IG and YouTube twice a month 🌱Art Tutorials Monthly supporters(4 USD a month or more) will get... 🌼All the archives of the past month's posts 🌼Discord Role on my Art Discord Server, Ai No My Love. 🌼15% off coupon you can use repetitively 🌼Access to the one-off donation tier rewards Monthly Postcard supporters(9 USD a month or more) will get... 💌Monthly Exclusive Postcard 💌All the digital rewards If you tip me as a one-off donation, you can see the posts of the current month, but you won't be able to see the archives.

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