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I do code and stuff. sometimes people like the code stuff that i do.

Hi, I'm Nick. You may know me from Twitter where I am @alfredbulbasaur, or from Twitch where I am also alfredbulbasaur. You may also know me from one of the mobile apps I've built, just as the Persona 5 IM App for Android.

If you're here to send me a donation then first off, THANK YOU! I really appreciate everyone's support, be it by donating here, sending me a message on Twitter or any other way you can think of. You're the best.

In terms of what your donation would be spent on, I'm planning on using any money that I receive to help with my various bits of development work, such as software or hardware I might need to buy, licences or hosting fees, that sort of thing. Might also treat myself to a nice bag of crisps too, we'll see!

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