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Alicia YellowLodge
🐱☕️YOUR REWARDS for giving a Catpuccino Above all following benefits you also get access for 30 days to supporter only content like Tutorials, behind the scenes or which materials I use posts. ✨ 01. Get yourself a personal digital sketch from me ✍🏻 You can claim a digital sketch of your choice from me! Could be a portrait, pets, fanart whatever comes to your mind! Just message me to tell me what you like me to sketch for you and where I should send the file! How? Just send me a message here and tell me what you want me to sketch for you 💖 02. Access to free printables 🖨 As a little extra thank you I will also update this site with printables for free from time to time with different themes. You can always contact me for a wish! So you regularly get something new for your support! 03. Early Access & Ko-fi only exclusive content✨ You get access to exclusive content & posts like WIPs and also posts about materials used. I will also include some tutorials from time to time. And as a little bonus you also get to see some exclusively cute photos of Filou 🐱 And you also get exclusive reviews about new art materials I test from the monthly Upcrate art material subscription box 💖 04. Discord Server Access I welcome you to my safe space Discord server. You can talk about everything freely here and be part of my little community. Thank you so much for your support. It means the world to me 💕Send you lots of hugs & cat purrs! 🐱💕

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