All For ARMY
Welcome to our Ko-fi page! Our main focus as All For ARMY is to centralize and make content easily accessible, as well as provide daily updates about BTS through our website,, where ARMY from around the world can access up-to-date information about BTS’ music, collabs, projects, announcements, schedule, and more. Our website also provides information on: - Streaming guides, - Purchasing guides, - Reporting guides, - Current votings going on, - Current ARMY projects going on, - Information about BTS, the members, and their official accounts, - Any helpful information specifically for ARMY such as ARMY Etiquette, an ARMY Membership guide, how ARMY can support and promote BTS, and more. We are in the process of adding more content to our website to better help ARMY, so please expect more to come! In order to continue to make this website possible, we need to fundraise money to renew our domain, our hosting service, our spam protection, and other components of the website every year. We know ARMY is always willing to help BTS and their fellow ARMY out and so the All For ARMY team decided to open this Ko-fi page in order to accept donations. All surplus money will be spent on future website costs. Please donate if you can or spread the word and help us continue the website! Thank you! - All For ARMY team

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