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Most of my income usually comes through live performance. For now COVID-19 has put a stop to that I'm still creating, practicing & writing of course because that's who I am. When any of that translates into income is, sadly, a lot more random than being paid to play live gigs though. To be sustainable I need to find other ways of supporting myself. If you like what I do (and want to help me keep doing what I'm doing) then please consider subscribing or donating - It really does all help.


Welcome to my Ko-fi page. I'm primarily a performing and composing musician but I also make digital art, video and provide music education. My main creative passion project is called 'Pointless Beauty'. This is an ongoing mixed media concept for which I make music, art and video on a regular basis. You can find music at and art at I'm also working on collating 35 years of teaching and performing experience for an educational book and video series that I'm writing. I'll be sharing bits of what it's like to be a self-employed creative here. If you fancy chipping in to 'buy me a coffee' or to offer support in any way you can every penny and word of encouragement is gratefully received!

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A micro blog for how I spend my professional time.

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