Hi. I'm not in a destitute or desperate situation or anything, but the art I create is my job, and my life. I put everything into what I do, and I think that the passion to create, and the effort in itself (as for with anyone) warrants compensation to thrive, and maintain that consistency. There doesn't need to be any other reason than that, and I find it somewhat sad how art purely for the sake of art without any other motive is presumed often frowned upon, especially in emergency or impecunious circumstances. "What are you doing to help the world?" Literally this. Can you imagine a world without music? Without art? When you were barred to your home for months, what did you turn to? Movies? Shows? Your favorite playlists to get you through the day? That one artist on Twitter that you just really resonated with? This is enough. This is more. Let's remind the world of that, and allow whoever wants to pursue this path to do so freely without needing a "real job". This is a real job. Let's own it.

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