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20% of goal

To start recording Fieldwork, a podcast about humans in rural areas and their histories, I’m working toward a mobile podcast studio; a small iOS-enabled audio interface with two lapel mics and an extension cord from Røde.


Jimmy writes Among the Stones, a blog about many things, like Galicia, ruralism, history, language, ecology, faith, and everything in between. His upcoming podcast Fieldwork will feature talks with other immigrants and their own stories, primarily in Spain. He also teaches and is writing a novel and series of fantasy/western novellas set in 18th century Islamic Upper Guinea.

Jimmy Baum
Welcome to my Ko-fi Page. I decided to set this up to on the off-chance someone from the leisure class reads this. My Ko-fi support will first go to funding a small phone audio interface and lapel mics to start Fieldwork. The rest will be used to maintain blog costs. If you enjoy my work, please consider supporting for the price of a coffee. Oh, I’ll definitely make the coffee myself. It’s much cheaper and less wasteful. But your gesture will be greatly appreciated nonetheless. Thank you.

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