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I'm going to Orlando, Florida, EUA for the Grace Hopper Conference through a scholarship in October. As I'll be there, I want to visit NASA, which is a dream since childhood and if there is any money left to tour Disney and Universal. NASA Ticket: $ 57 Uber: $ 120 (round trip from where I'll be staying) Extra costs: $23


Computer science student | GHC'19 Scholar | Developer (Open Source) at Colaboradados | Co-founder Meninas Digitais Piauí and PyLadies Teresina | Currently active in Meninas Digitais Piauí | Programming mentor for women on Ana no Terminal. ❤ I love participating in projects and helping society through technology. I am always helping people with code and programming! I love to share knowledge, because I believe that only through knowledge can we make the world a better place! ❤


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