Buy a Coffee for Andrew
Hey everyone! I created and to give developers an opportunity to develop Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon TCG related web sites and apps with ease. I wanted to give developers an easy way to access the data they need! That's why I created the Magic: The Gathering API and the Pokemon TCG API - RESTful web services that makes it easy to consume card and set data in JSON format. There are even multiple SDKs out there - check out the documentation for details.

The hard part about running any service like this for free is that it still costs me money. Don't get me wrong, I love the project and want to continue supporting it for as long as I can. What I am hoping is that Ko-Fi can help cover some of the server and maintenance costs. The more supporters I can get to help cover my monthly fees, the better service I can provide by increasing server resources, and thus an overall better performing web service.

If you have been using this service and rely on it for your projects, please consider contributing a few dollars. Any contribution is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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