Andrew D Pope

I'm building a passion project to help other people grow their self-confidence. I broke through my own early-life self-confidence issues and now I'm paying it forward. Because I'm primarily a wonderful, thankful & super-helpful kind of guy, I'm now putting loads of material and content out there to help people develop themselves, build self-cofidence and create their own best life. I'll do this via a number of channels aimed at helping people to self-develop their interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence skills and their self-confidence. By day, I'm a freelance "soft skills" trainer, course designer and coach. That's how I earn a meagre crust. However, the various channels are not cheap, so any KoFi money coming in will help to fund my ability to offer these services and help my growing community of self-developers. If you enjoy my work then I'm glad. If my work has helped you in any way then I'm super-glad. The karmic wheel is in constant motion. Why not join my "Self-Development Matters" newsletter community at: All the best to you and yours Andrew D Pope

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