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25. Queer. 2D Artist that lives in Moorhead, MN. Nerd that appreciates trash fandoms and characters and hosts the first queer radio focused program in town. Sheith shipper.

Nemo Siqueiros
WOW you're tipping me? Donating? Getting me coffee to fuel my caffeine addiction? Looking for an icon commission? Awesome!

Ko-Fi Commission Info below!
*4 Coffees: 1 Sketched chibi!
5 Coffees: 1 Character Sketch Bust
*7 Coffees: 1 Lined chibi OR 1 Waist Up Sketch!
*9 Coffees: 1 Full Body Character Sketch
10 Coffees: 1 Flat colored Chibi OR GrayScale Copic Sketch
Beyond 10 Coffees you really should just commission me!
*Prices fluctuated to cover usual costs of a commission through paypal invoice, if you want you can still ko-fi me OR directly commission me and fill out the form.

NOTE: I can't/won't draw mechas or nsfw stuff or whatever I'm uncomfortable with at any time I see fit, it's helpful if you can hit me up on Twitter in DM's @aNEM0nefish with your reference(s) or in email at!

PS4, KH3 & Student Loans

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