Anna Holden | Three Fates Dice
Three Fates Dice is creating handmade artisan dice for ttrpgs and disability content/mechanics for D&D! I'm Anna - chronically ill warlock, dice maker, gsd mom, and writer! Three Fates Dice is born from my love for creating and unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit. I love dice - I love selecting colors and unique inclusions, the endless possibilities, that amazing click clack sound they make. I also love connecting with the dice and D&D community. I am a one-woman operation creating artisan dice for Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop RPG games. Each die is hand mixed, poured, polished, and inked for true uniqueness and authenticity. The goal is to create beautiful sets of dice that bring joy with every use! The disability content/mechanics is a passion project of mine, working towards better representation in D&D. All of this content will be online for free, but if you support the work I'm doing, ko-fi support is a great and much appreciated way to show it! I have a lot of content planned that I can't wait to share. This year I was diagnosed with autism, and later, fibromyalgia - a chronic condition. I've always had a hard time working "normal" jobs, which is why I transitioned to full time fiber artist when I moved to TN. I'm hoping that between that, and now this dice making venture and whatever comes along with it, to be able to 100% work from home and support myself. I don't know what will happen next, but I have grand plans and ideas, and I thank all of you for following me along this journey! Whatever comes next, I hope my passion and love for the arts always comes through in every die.

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