Annette Zimmerman
It's March already! This month's focus is on being resourceful. Here's what's upcoming at Living an Artist's Life: On the blog: 7 Mar: How important is resourcefulness to creativity? Check out my post for tips for what to do when you feel like you have no imagination! 14 Mar: Is the #2 pencil an endangered species? I've written a tribute to this much loved but forgotten friend. 21 Mar: Graphite for fine art? Maybe...but it's more fun to make trading cards! 28 Mar: Afraid of making mistakes? This post looks at how resourcefulness helps curb the fear! On video: 11 Mar: Graphite is one of the most resourceful tools in an artist's toolbox. Let's look at different ways to use it! 25 Mar: Today's video will be a tutorial on creating portraits with graphite I hope you enjoy this month's content! Anni Z Links: blog posts: YouTube:

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