April Richardson
UPDATE, DECEMBER 2022: Thanks entirely to y'all's amazing generosity, I am now out of the red and have paid all my legal bills. I just wanted to be transparent and let you all know that from now on, if you do choose to buy me a coffee, I will probably very literally use the money to buy a coffee. THANK YOU SO MUCH for making my 2022 less unbearable; I cannot properly express how much I appreciate it. ---- Hi! This is weird! So... the past couple years (I am writing this in July 2022) have been the worst of my life. (Most people can probably say the same! The world is on fire!) If you've enjoyed any podcasts I have made, I figured this would be an easy way to "buy me a coffee," aka do a one-time tip/donaish thing where you can throw a few quid/bucks into my tip jar. Right? If not, no big. We all have it tough these days. I never thought I would have to make one of these because I now live in a country with free healthcare, yet here we are -- for a different reason. And I very much understand the difference between being broke and being poor: I am not poor, but I am broke. "But April, didn't you used to be on TV?" Yes, on occasion! But all the TV money I had saved up is gone. Here's how: In order to be able to leave an awful situation, you need money. Lots of it, it turns out. The last few years have been the most difficult of my life, by miles, and there are still legal hurdles I need to jump to be fully free. I was given a SET(DV) visa by the UK Home Office but the associated costs were not cheap. I have been furiously applying for jobs, but in the meantime, the legal bills keep coming and my debt keeps piling up. Because of what I've been through I haven't exactly felt like goofin' or jokin', which is why I all but disappeared from the Internet for the last year or two; I wasn't up to creating any sort of comedy content so I also couldn't make a living that way. I hope to change that soon! The further I get from the situation, the more I get back to feeling like my silly self -- but for now, I must humbly ask for help.  You can also help by subscribing to my YouTube channel so that I can get ad revenue from the old eps of Go Bayside I have uploaded there: https://www.youtube.com/c/AprilRichardsoncomedy/videos Thank you! Any help or even just positive thoughts are appreciated. I hope to return to stand-up in the UK when I have recovered enough to feel funny again.

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