Araneae Storm

Buy me a Ko-Fi (*cough* A Ginger Beer) or nah? Help me support you by reaching my goal! I'm looking to purchase (Solar Fire) a Astrocartography Software to read charts for Locational/Relocational Astrology! Thank you for joining and supporting my journey here through the wild kosmos! Strap up your seatbelts and join me as we navigate our journey through Astrology outside of Youtube! You can follow me without *Buying me a Ginger Beer* by clicking the Follow Button on the top right to stay updated! I will post at least once a week! You will also be able to get early access to (some) Youtube videos! As well as personal videos, audios, travel updates (talking about Astrocartography (Locational/Relocation Astrology and much more), photos, courses, etc! And as always if you are interested tip/donation - barter & trade readings, courses/teaching or booking me for your next event (and yes I travel!), you can find me here! Play the introduction video below and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out! Much Love to y'all! Thank you for your support! - Krü aka Araneae Storm (AHH-RAIN-KNEE)

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