Arjay B. Araña
From my main blog's About page: “Swordsman of the Word is a blog about God and the Bible, but it is much more than that. This is also my own journey towards knowing God more through his Word, and towards understanding and changing my own life — and the world around me — in the light of that Word.” I am a conservative evangelical, and my calling from God is to be a teacher, a missionary, and maybe even a pastor. SWORDSMAN OF THE WORD is part of my works for God, and it is solely dedicated to my personal essays and reflections. Its purposes are (1) primarily, to help you know God more, through his Word and through my own life, and (2) to share with you my passions and burdens as a servant of the Lord Jesus. Everything I write for my blog is free, but I do need financial support — for me to continue my blogging in the coming years, and for me to do the other works that God wants me to do. Your patronage will make sure that I can serve God full-time with all the gifts that he's given me. My blog is part of the larger THE SWORDSMAN NETWORK, and I'll be using this Ko-fi page to solicit donations for the whole network. For my FREE content here in Ko-fi, I'll be posting links to my new posts in my main blog and my pastoral blog. Meanwhile, for my SUPPORTERS-ONLY content, I'll be posting some of my journal entries and also my writing notes for the blog posts I'm writing. About my KO-FI SHOP: I'm also personally publishing and selling ebooks of mostly classic Christian literature, including Bibles. Your purchases of my products add up to my support. This shop is where the actual transactions take place, but for an overview of my items for sale, I have a storefront at:

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