KSP Trajectory Optimization Tool (KSPTOT) is an advanced trajectory analysis tool for Kerbal Space Program. KSPTOT is one of a kind within the KSP community, bringing together all the different facets of mission design and optimization under one software package that is user friendly and easy to use. KSPTOT currently supports the following analyses: * Porkchop Plot - Allows for a broad search of optimal transfer times between any two solar system bodies, and can provide an estimate of the departure orbit and delta-v. * Multi-Flyby Maneuver Sequence (MFMS) - Finds optimal flyby sequences between any number of specified solar system bodies. Supports multi-revolution transfers and executes extremely quickly. * Mission Architect - A general purpose, in-space trajectory analysis tool designed to model and optimize generic spacecraft trajectories. Also supports communication relay analysis, mission animation generation, and more! * Launch Vehicle Designer (LVD) - Provides an intuitive way to perform simple-to-complex analysis of launch vehicles and their trajectories. It can model staging, atmospheric forces, variable engine thrust and Isp, a number of steering laws, SoI transitions, and a whole host of other activities that one normally carries out in KSP. Also, because of the general nature of the tool, an analyst could actually use LVD for a full end-to-end mission design, from launch, to in space maneuvers, to landing, to splashdown back at Kerbin. * ...and more!

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