Hello lovely people 🙋🏻‍♀️, my name is Dolunay and i‘m 30 years old. Art is my passion and it took me a few years to come back to what i love…💕 Actually i‘m an architect - but right now i‘m in parental leave! Yes, i‘m a young mom with 3 under 3 🥰 And it‘s just beautiful, chaotic, messy and lovely 🌷 My kids just gave me the courage and the opportunity to rethink what i want from life - so i followed my dreams and became a freelancer. ⭐️ I‘m right at the beginning - soon my very first picturebook will be published 🙏🏼 I‘m so excited! ⭐️ I like to communicate with nice people and other great artists! So I‘m looking forward for great commissions - to do what i love the most: visualizing the world in colorful, dreamy pictures 🥰 As a mom, my second passion just became one of the most important things to survive the day: coffee ☕️❤️ black, no sugar, and italian style 😋 If you buy me a coffee, i will be greatful forever 🙏🏼 And of course you‘ll get a little thank-you-image from me ☺️🌸 I‘m looking forward to hear from you! 🌷💫 With best regards, Dolunay 😘

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