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Cat snuggling, cocoa sipping, comics artist and illustrator based out of the pacific northwest.

The fact you visited this page means so much to me! I have been producing comics under the pen name "Moga" for years in my freetime. After graduating college in Spring 2017, I was able to finally make my dream of being a full time freelance artist come true!

Now I spend my days creating content for viewers like you! I run an Etsy shop, illustrate portrait commissions, upload daily comics, and dabble in fan art of all kinds. Your donation would provide me with the funds to invest in new materials and equipment to continue my work as an artist.

Currently, I'm developing a Youtube channel and would use the funds from this site to invest in materials to create how-to drawing videos and product reviews.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Whether you choose to donate or not, I am so glad you stopped by!

All the best,

Meg (Moga)

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