Artist Carsten John
Imagine that we are both sitting in a café talking about my art. We sit there and look at my homepage and the many works of art that can be seen there. For each work of art, I describe you the meaning of my work. Okay, now we are not sitting together in a café and chatting about my art, but I have written a description of every work of art on my homepage. And if you now go to the kitchen and prepare a coffee, get back on the computer and take a look at my homepage, read the descriptions of my works and enjoy your coffee, then we have a whole lot come closer to the atmosphere of a cozy café. With your help we could maybe meet one day at an exhibition of my works of art. And who knows, maybe we'll even have a coffee together (though I prefer Darjeeling). It greets you warmly and thanks you for your support Carsten John

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