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Hello! I'm a Freelance Artist for video games, animation and film. Currently working on my personal passion project, KonKon Love! My Role I am the sole Creator of KonKon Love. So far, all development has just been myself. This includes the art, characters, story, gameplay, etc. Hopefully one day, I can bring more people on board to really get things moving! What I post Become a supporter to get access to early development content, concept art, other art by me, polls, future merchandise, have your input for the game heard and considered directly by me! How will your sub help? Because I'm just one person, I would like to eventually bring on more people to the project. As a freelance artist myself, I believe in the value of my peers and would like to pay them accordingly! Your pledge will also help me put more focus on KonKon Love and less on freelance work.

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