By buying me a coffee, you're supporting my work and helping pay for groceries, rent, stuff like that! And for your support, each ko-fi is redeemable for a doodle! One coffee = one Pokémon! Black and white doodles. Small or simple Pokémon may be drawn multiple times on one canvas. Multiple coffees can be combined into a group picture. Group pictures are capped at 6 Pokémon, but you may request more than 6 individual Pokémon species separately (for example, a donation of 7 coffees or more will result in 7 individual pictures as opposed to a group picture of 6 creatures) Art goals: • Buy a lamination machine? • just be productive in general Planned FFXIV mods, in no particular order: • Wind-Up Fafnir which looks more like a Dragonet • Witch's Broom reworked to be less Halloween, more witchy

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