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I'm a pencil artist, portrait artist, dabbling writer, and collector of folklore.

I'm a freelance artist, with a focus on realistic pencil portraits. I like to pretend I can write, I collect folklore, fairytales, and nursery rhymes, and I like to study cartomancy and chiromancy. I'm married and have two kids.

All generously bought coffees will be used to keep the and sites paid for so JAD and the various stories, monsters, and card spreads continue to have a home. The less time I have to spend doing paid surveys to pay for them, the more time I can spend adding and creating stuff to post.

Any excess will go toward personal expenses. Like utilities, food, and art supplies. And Hills Bro Cappuccinos.

So, how about those coffee milestones?

[x] 1 cup: Ashe is surprised!
[x] 5 cups: 29-09 is finished.
[x] 10 cups: 29-10 is finished.
[x] 15 cups: 30-01 is finished.
[x ] 20 cups: 30-02 is finished.
[ ] 25 cups: 30-03 is finished.
[ ] 30 cups: Chapter 29 cover finished.
[ ] 35 cups: Chapter 30 cover finished.
[ ] 40 cups: Chapter 31 cover finished.
[ ] 45 cups: Chapter 32 cover finished.
[ ] 50 cups: Chapter 33 cover finished.
[ ] 55 cups: Chapter 34 cover finished.
[ ] 60 cups: Chapter 35 cover finished.
[ ] 65 cups: Chapter 36 cover finished.
[ ] 70 cups: Chapter 37 cover finished.
[ ] 75 cups: Chapter 38 cover finished.
[ ] 100 cups: Oh... Oh my... Ashe is very surprised! I'll have to think of something special for this.

The above milestones are stuff I intend to do someday anyway. A little "caffeine boost" just prioritizes them a bit more. Also, I have a link in the Thank You message that will lead to things like character art, short stories, and other tidbits. Everybody will get to see all this stuff eventually. The coffee connoisseurs just get to see them sooner. ^,^

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