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☕ WELCOME TO MY KO-FI ☕ I am Astrialogical and I am a Digital Artist and 3D Artist. My Ko-Fi was made as a place where I can post content for people to enjoy and offer different ways for supporting me as a content creator. If you like my work please consider following me and if you are able to, consider the many ways of supporting me: ☕ Memberships - Get rewards for your monthly support ☕ Donations - Give support through a one-time donation ☕ Store Purchases - Support me by purchasing my store content ☕ Commissions - Support me by commissioning art from me VGen: ☕ Contributing to goals - Help me reach my goals through the various ways mentioned above There are also ways of supporting me without money! ☕ Sharing my page - Help me boost my audience by sharing ☕ Liking my posts - Show me that you enjoy my work through likes ☕ Comment on my posts - Interact with me ☕ Follow me - Get to see my content posted here regularly Supporting me will mean so much to me, especially if it's financial aid. As I am a disabled artist unable to be in the work environment, this is my only way of getting payments to support me. By supporting me financially, you will help me with: ☕ Paying bills - I am an adult, I have bills I need to pay for ☕ Dog Food - My dog has got to eat too! ☕ Food - I need to eat to keep working on content ☕ Vet bills - If the need arises, I need to make sure I am able to get my dog to the vet. ☕ Essentials - Things that I need in life ☕ Upgrades to help with content - So I can keep making better content! ☕ Gifts for loved ones - Not important but appreciated! ☕ Gifts for myself - I mean... I need to treat myself a little sometimes? ☕ THANK YOU FOR VISITING ☕

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