Audrey Ewell
Hello! I'm an artist, a filmmaker and writer, and have been juggling rent and bills with work and the pandemic, while also trying to focus on my film! It's a lot, so any amount of support you want to send my way is massively appreciated! I'm also going to use this as a place to post some writing. I had thought about doing a Patreon that was oriented around more regular writing on grief, but the truth is, that's not where my head is or needs to be right now. So while I probably will post a bit on grief, as it's still so much a part of my life and so many have told me the my writing on it is helpful, I do not want to be seen (nor see myself) as "The Grief Lady." So it'll be a mixed bag. So this will function as a place for support and community and sharing. If you want to support, you can do so anonymously, or say hi! One-time or recurring! It's amazing that you would want to at all, so thank you very much. Also if you want me to help you get started meditating, I'd be so happy to help, since it's helped me so much. Just let me know! xo Right below this is the last film Aaron and I made together before his death. It was a proof of concept for a feature film (a short introduction version to show what our intention was for the feature length version). Enjoy.

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