Azhure Raven

Hello, you can call me Azhure Raven, writer of Wizards of the Otherworldly Court. Wizards of the Otherworldly Court is a fantasy story about the Otherworldly Court, an inter-dimensional (or world-hopping, you get the idea) organization made up of people of all ages, gender, and race from many parallel or different worlds. They are granted elemental-like magic powers and called themselves ‘Court Wizards’. They embark on many worlds in the mission to make them better places whether it'd be covertly in the shadows or out in the open working together with the many kinds of people living there all while having an adventure unlike any other. Wizards of the Otherworldly Court is split into multiple books listed in the ‘main’ and ‘side’ stories. Each main story focuses on a different Court Wizard, highlighting their experience in the Otherworldly Court. As for how long each chapter is, I will generally write more than 2000+ for a normal chapter. Otherwise, I will also write short stories at random. This story is influenced by Japanese light novels and media so some characters may be built upon those tropes, but I assure you that they are more complex than that. Also, I will not adopt their writing style where you have to make extra effort to figure out the speaker of a dialogue (otherwise I will tell you in a note in bold text or try my best to make it very obvious). Fair warning that the story can get a bit violent at some times, just so you know. This text is taken from the About page in the my website where I publish my story. There is more to it so if you are interested, check my website out by the link in the profile. It's also crossposted in RoyalRoad, Wattpad, Rainobu, and Sufficient Velocity, but some chapters are exclusive in the website, so the links are in the respective story pages in the site.


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