Azhure Raven
Hello, you can call me Azhure Raven, writer of the Wizards of the Otherworldly Court web serial/novel. Wizards of the Otherworldly Court is a fantasy story about the Otherworldly Court, an inter-dimensional (or world-hopping, you get the idea) organization made up of people of all ages, gender, and race from many parallel or different worlds. They are granted magical powers (though they did not call it magic) and called themselves ‘Court Wizards’. They are tasked to watch over the many worlds they come across (though most primarily dealt with their home world) and stepping into these worlds on ‘missions’ to preserve the ‘life’ of said worlds in the shadows. However, these missions partially or even fully oppose their nature, personal interests, and ideals. Yet, most of the Court Wizards are aware and willing to complete even the most depraved missions that would shatter their true selves that they will never cast aside regardless, either growing or regressing because of it. This text is taken from the About page in the my website where I publish my story. There is more to it so if you are interested, check my website out by the link in the profile. It's also crossposted in RoyalRoad, Wattpad, and Sufficient Velocity, but some chapters are exclusive in the website, so the links are in the respective story pages in the site. I'll be using Ko-Fi to accept small one-time donations. Thank you in advance.

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