BaechuSquad (SharpShark)
As a uni student, it's difficult to pursue translation endeavours, so just hoping to make a little money to make it feasible. If you're showing gratitude for group projects, please keep in mind that I was only one of the contributors, and if you could try to quantify your gratitude (so if I worked on timing, consider how much you appreciate the timing rather than the whole project). My current resume of work includes: - The Great Escape 3 (And parts of S1 and 2) - Society Game 2 - My YT Channel: Also open for commission work if it's something small or easy, and Korean, but since I've only studied the language for 3 years, text in the project would do a lot to help me. Additionally to commissions, I'm open to suggestions for work you might think I would pursue. My background would allow me to make the following things: - YouTube compilations/edits - <20 minute YouTube video translations - Variety/Reality show translations (or clips of them) - Manhwa (Korean comic) scanlations - Podcasts - Creating guides on how to subtitle or typeset

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