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🧙‍♂️ Revel in the glorious magic! What is this place, what do we do? Find out more below. Tips and Donations are always appreciated; Thank you! ✨ Thanks so much for checking out my Ko-Fi page, home to my artistic endeavors. This place is where I deal in the arcane and wonderful world of fan content. Here you can find ways to support me, get some kick-ass items, snag some sick cards, or pick up free but high quality digital assets for streams, desktop, mobile, and more. 🧭 Lots to check out, from the vast gallery to the fun shop. Our memberships grant you early access to my magic content, help me vote on what content to do, and also get you an amazing set of printed cards each month. ———— ❤️‍🔥 With the helpful support of all members, I can produce more amazing content! This means they get access to exclusive posts and other content on this page; while also helping me pick future content in frequent polls. Get access to high-quality and high-resolution copies of some of my designs, like wallpapers and magic proxies. 🔮 Memberships, starting with Mage tier and up, get end-of-month, every month, a letter filled with freshly printed, brand-spanking-new, exclusively limited to here, cards. We call these Loot Packs. They also get other sick benefits as well as a page-wide 10% off discount. 🪄 These "Loot Packs" consist of 6 printed cards. Two of two new tokens and two more of new art card. Each will have a unique, third, new art card back. These are inspired by the mana in Magic. The fronts will be marked limited with a date stamp and red/black Amaranth logo; later reprints will be marked unlimited without dates and gray logo. Unsold prints will be available on the page as long as they last. New art will be revealed the month during/prior and packs are created, ordered, and sent out around the end of each month. ———— 📝 As a note, the cards (ie tokens, art cards, et al) posted/given to members on this site are not approved/endorsed by Wizards. No portions of the materials used in products that are for sale are the property of Wizards of the Coast LLC. We are not affiliated, nor endorsed, with or by Wizards at all; Wizards owns all the rights to Magic: The Gathering. All ™ and © are the property of their respective owners.

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