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Bastian Kerk Cosplay

👋 Hello there!👋 You can call me Bastian. Cosplay is the biggest hobby I have. It's very fun to shape shift into someone else and take the role of a fictional character. I want to share my passion here. It's fun seeing the reactions of others ^_^ 🐼Why Ko-fi?🐼 I'm a tall big guy who wants to do female characters which means it's hard to find cosplays to buy and more expensive to make them by myself, so here's where Ko-fi comes in! If you enjoy my stuff and want to see my progression, you can support me here (or pledge monthly). I will be posting goals here for certain cosplays too. I also use my Ko-fi gallery for work in progress, behind the scenes and for 3d printing commissions. 🥇 What you get 🥇 If you go to my tier page you can pledge for $3, $6, or $12 a month. Pledging for $6 and up allows you to see exclusive content on Ko-fi which you'll get email/push notifications for whenever I post.

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